Dear anyone who wants to see faster BREAKTHROUGH and better results in your life:

Are you tired of feeling like you’re doing all the right things, but it’s not working?

Are you longing for a true and lasting BREAKTHROUGH that doesn’t take you years, months, or even weeks to see?

Are you done with feeling STUCK in a certain area of your life?

What if you could be shown how going through a SIMPLE process could bring you SIGNIFICANT breakthrough in your life?

Are you wanting to finally REALLY get some TRACTION and live more of the life that Jesus paid for?

If so, we can help show you HOW!

We’re Jason and Chelsea White, a married couple who love to do life and ministry together. It burns in us to see believers live the life that Jesus paid for; a life truly thriving, full of abundance, hope and POWER!

We KNOW what it’s like to FEEL STUCK, to not have traction, to feel essentially powerless. To feel more like life is happening TO YOU rather than the other way around. We’ve both been believers for many years, but at times felt very stuck like we couldn’t move forward in life for some “unknown reason”. Then God started showing us some keys for VERY QUICK and SUBSTANTIAL BREAKTHROUGH. These breakthroughs SHIFTED us out of seasons or mindsets of hopelessness, anxiety, fear and the like. We saw how ASOUNDING it is when God comes through and changes EVERYTHING! We became FREE in a MOMENT. And what would normally take months or even years to process through, get counseling about, etc., would literally take minutes. 

THAT is the power and love of our good, good Father!

And it would be our honor to show you the steps that we took to get there.

We’ve been practicing this process amongst not only ourselves, but with our students whom we led for three years in our School of Supernatural Ministry, as well as with our friends, mentees, and family. Time and time again we have seen people experience WONDERFUL things with God like they never have before—AND, GET ANSWERS to their questions that they had that they either didn’t know to ask or were too afraid to. We have spent countless hours getting wisdom and insight from God about how people get healing and freedom that’s lasting, and we believe this course is one of the fastest and most effective ways to achieve that!!


“{Jason and Chelsea have} gathered young and old alike to stretch our gaze beyond the horizons of where we are in God to a PIONEER spirit--that will blaze a trail to new levels of Kingdom THINKING. I cannot thank you for how you have so gently taken us from the first class to where we are now. I see myself as well as the church in a whole new light. Thank you for taking a risk with us and leading us to new places in the Kingdom. I feel more secure in my role as a daughter of the King. Take us higher and farther please!!”



“Thank you so much for all you have done and are doing. I so appreciate your obedience to follow God and preach the Kingdom of Heaven. This time has meant so much to me. I believe this experience has been life changing for me. Each week I have felt like I have been stretched and brought to a place just outside of my comfort zone that has brought about this transformation. I have loved every minute of the process. I have to say my most favorite experience was the soaking session where I had a wonderful encounter with God. The personal revelation of the love and acceptance of the Father and that there is truly no condemnation for those--me--who are in Christ Jesus, was life changing.”



“I am thankful to have learned so many spiritual truths under you! While in LifePoint School of Supernatural Ministry and now being out of the school, I can see the fruit born directly from what you have taught, prophetically said, and encounters you've led us on as a class. One "piece of fruit" {that's come about} is learning to trust I have a renewed imagination. I can now trust what I see when I imagine Jesus, Father, or the Holy Spirit as true instead of "making it up". I have confidence because you saw truth and gold inside of me that I didn't see. ”



This is a how-to, hands-on, “activation” course that you can RESULTS from IMMEDIATELY! And with the many hours of experience of leading people through just HOW to activate their spirits, come in alignment with the Kingdom of God, and experience true freedom, we feel confident that this can be a tool for you to put you on a TOTALLY different trajectory for your life!

NOW can be YOUR turn to see that freedom for yourself; having a tool that you can use ANYTIME you need breakthrough!

NOW can be your turn to GET UNSTUCK! 

This mini e-course is an online instant video workshop where we lead you through an encounter activation to connect to God and hear His voice. It includes a workbook to help lead you through the encounter, follow along with scriptures, and a bonus “Declarations” section to help the process of remembering and instilling the truth in you.

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If you are willing to do the work we are willing to help get you there!

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Course Includes:

  • 01
    Welcome Instructions and Video
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    • Instructions for the Course
    • Unstuck! (44:13)
  • 02
    Downloadable Workbook
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    • Unstuck! Scriptures
    • "Garden of Your Heart" Activation Encounter
    • BONUS: Unstuck! Declarations Worksheets


When do I get access to the course? 

As soon as you click, "BUY NOW", you will create a student profile and have INSTANT access to the video course as well as the downloadable workbook!

Can I get a refund if it isn't for me?

Yes; if after going through the video, activation, and workbook you decide it wasn't for you, then Facebook Message us within 7 days and we'll refund you 100%! We are confident that if you're willing to get breakthrough, this course will help you on your way!

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This is for people who are ready to make a change in their life and are open to God speaking to them. This course is designed to be one tool that can bring you SIGNIFICANT breakthrough, but just like with anything else, results may vary and you get out of it what you put into it. For some, this is a great starting point to reconnect again to God, and for others it could be the answer they’ve been looking for for years. This course is not for people who don’t believe that God speaks today!